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温泉 ・温泉をより楽しむために 食事の直前・直後の入浴は避けましょう。

How to enjoy the Bathe
・Please, avoid bathing just before and after eating.
 Please, avoid bathing after drinking alcohol.
・Quickly getting into the hot tub may be dangerous. Please try to enter slowly.
・A relaxed state of mind should be the intent, to completely enjoy the experience.
・Bathing time depends on the temperature of the spring. At first, you
 should bathe for 5 - 10mins. When you get used to a hot spring you may
 prolong the soaking time.
・After finishing the bath, drying off naturally is highly recommended. This
 will enhance the full effect of the spring treatment to your body.
・If you have any negative reactions to a hot spring, it is highly
 recommended that you wash off your body by the shower.
・After finishing the bath, mind out your body temperature. Extreme
 temperature change may cause sickness. Please make sure that you leave hot
 spring facilities with warmly clothed and well insulated.

・入浴時の心得 まず掛け湯を浴びてから浴場へとお進みください。

Bathing Rules Before entering the bath, wash your body completely by the showering systems located next to the hot tub.
Please tidy up the space and equipment you use before and after taking a shower to avoid any soap residue remaining.
In the hot spring, please respect others privacy, and maintain a mature behavior.
Do not run, jump, or endanger others when entering the bath.
Make sure not to bring a small towel in the spring water.
Small towels should only be used in the shower facilities.
Please do not run in the bathroom or spring areas to ensure safety of both you and others.
Do not wash your towel or any other items in the bathroom or spring areas.
Our hot springs are not for drinking.


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